About Stock Assessment VRE About Stock Assessment VRE

This VRE is used for development and validation of data services in support to stock assessment, and accessible for developers and advanced users only. Keep following us to learn when specific features will be released through public or specialized VREs.

The Stock Assessment VRE supports the assessment process from harmonizing datasets, selection of model to use, managing the input and output parameters, to publishing and persisting the results. It takes an Open Science approach to stock assessment; it implements a collaborative environment for Reproducible-Repeatable and Reusability (R-R-R) scientific experiments.

The assessments are supported through a portal that includes several state of the art assessment models and tools, that include CMSY-as-a-service, SS3, FLR and a adapted version of DLM Toolkit. The models are still in development, and this VRE is used for their validation. Once ready, they will be available on request to specific communities.

The VRE relies on BlueBRIDGE data services to manage users and content, and to capture process metadata. The VRE also offers access to ample computing resources, enables visualization of maps, and selected output (stored in the workspace) can be accessed remotely to serve webportals. The input data can be managed in an integrated tabular data manager that comes with validation and edit features.

This VRE aims at the validation of the models and tools and is generic in design. It will be the container VRE, and mainly used for development and validation by developers and software managers. Targeted VREs for specific regions and / or models will be defined as subsets of this VRE, and these can be produced in a few hours for stock assessment scientists. The VRE ultimate aim is to support new and innovative models for stock assessment that can support the sustainable management of stocks by decision makers.

Selected models specific to the community behind the VRE include:

  • CMSY-as-a-Service

  • SS3

  • FLR

  • DLM Toolkit

The model output will be made visible also through external sits, e.g. using OpenCPU. 

Other basic facilities:

  • Workspace: for sharing objects of interest
  • Social networking area: for supporting the discussions among members
  • User management facility: for managing membership

Enter Stock Assessment VRE Enter Stock Assessment VRE

Access the Stock Assessment VRE with your iMarine Gateway credentials.