About this Virtual Research Environment About this Virtual Research Environment

GRSF stands for "Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries" and the main purpose of this VRE is to provide registered users with an environment and tools for accessing stocks and fisheries information collated from three database sources:

In addition to the basic functionality, as a workspace for sharing objects of interest, a social networking area for supporting the discussions among members and a user management facility for managing membership, this VRE is specifically equipped with the following capability:

  • GRSF Catalogue: a search and browse facility enabling users to access GRSF stocks and fisheries records with unique identifiers and other metadata as collated from the different sources.
  • GRSF API: for programmatic access please click here.

Access the GRSF VRE Access the GRSF VRE

Access the GRSF Lab VRE with your D4Science Gateway credentials.
The GRSF VRE is currently under a validation phase and therefore the records may evolve and be modified by the BlueBRIDGE project members that are evaluating the final data products to check whether they meet the business needs.